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Individual and Group Supervision

Making the decision of who to select as a supervisor has a significant impact on a supervisee’s professional growth, access to networking relationships within the field, and preparing to reach goals for a career in the mental health field.

Whether you are seeking individual supervision, group supervision, or a combination of both of these, Dr. Rhonda Johnson has been a LPC/LMFT supervisor since 2007 and is currently accepting LPC-Interns and LMFT-Associates for supervision. Sarah Bentz has been a supervisor since 2013 and is currently accepting LPC-Interns for supervision. Interns and Associates are responsible for their own client load either through an agency, hospital, internship site, or private practice.

For LMFT-Associates:
The state of Texas requires biweekly supervision during the minimum of 200 hours of supervision, 2 years of experience, and 3,000 hours to obtain licensure. The state of Texas also allows for LMFT-Associates to have 2 supervisors. The state allows for 100 of the 200 supervision hours to be obtained through group supervision.

For LPC-Interns:
The state of Texas requires supervision 4 times a month during the minimum of 18 months and 3,000 hours to obtain licensure. LPC-Interns are allowed to have 2 supervisors. Half of the supervision obtained by a supervisee can be through group supervision.

For LMFT-Associates and LPC-Interns, participating in a group supervision setting with Dr. Johnson has many benefits:

  • Minimizes Cost
  • Access to an experienced professional with over a decade of private practice experience
  • Ability to be challenged and grow with other LMFT-Associates
  • Access to worksheets, trainings led by Dr. Johnson, and knowledge of opportunities for networking with other professionals
  • Gain knowledge in techniques and skills to use when providing counseling to children, adolescents, individuals, groups, pre-marital couples, and couples
  • Access to a professional who is leading trainings for other LPC’s and LMFT’s to become supervisors in the state of Texas along with a commitment to upholding ethical standards
Participating in individual supervision with Dr. Johnson or Sarah Bentz has many benefits along with others listed above:
  • A scheduled supervision time each week with goals, a supervision contract, and a signed informed consent for supervision to guide the process
  • An ability to have undivided attention to discuss all cases, questions, and concerns
  • Scheduled evaluations by the supervisor and supervisee to allow for professional growth
  • Knowledge on diagnosing, treatment plans, legal issues
  • Access to the supervisor for emergency situations between supervision sessions
  • A supervisor who considers supervision to be a mutual experience of growth and learning with focus on the supervision relationship

The first step in considering supervision is to call our office. Education, previous practicum settings, goals, expectations, current practice setting, and theoretical background of both Dr. Johnson and Sarah Bentz and prospective supervisees are evaluated in order to ensure a mutually beneficial supervision relationship.

The rate for an individual supervision session for LPC-Interns and LMFT-Associates with Dr. Johnson is $80/session. The rate for group supervision with Dr. Johnson is $40/session. The rate for individual supervision for LPC-Interns with Sarah Bentz is $60.00.

Our desire is to provide quality counseling that is affordable to our surrounding communities.

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